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Drink Fluids, Preferably Water

We start the series, “How to Be a Man: Rules to Living as an Optimal Man“, with a serious discussion about fluids. We need to know about how much we need to stay alive, the kinds of fluids that people drink, and what happens when we drink fluids on a large scale.

So let’s get serious about fluids.

You lose fluids from your body at a rate of 1 gallon per day, or more, from sweating and urinating. You will live a minimum of 25,000 days. Your life depends on 25,000 or more gallons of fluid.

We get fluids from the earth, from city infrastructure systems, or retail establishments that sell beverages.

The most prefered fluids among humans on Earth are the following: water, soft drinks, beer, tea, & coffee. As water is the most essential fluid, we are going to recommend you drink water that comes from earth-born sources like wells or aquifers. When water is not available from clean, earth-born sources, use the city infrastructure system for water. When that proves to be untrustworthy, purchase beverages at retail establishments.

How to Be a Man: Rules to Living as an Optimal Man | Rule #1: Drink Fluids, Preferably water

As a man, your life will have an intimate relationship with the fluids that you drink and the manner you consume them. The way that you drink will determine a large portion of your character in the presence of other people. People want to see you drink, and they want to see you drink often. But there is no honor drinking yourself to death or overindulging to the point of injury. Of the various drinks at your disposal here on Earth, take care and consideration into the amount you consume.

In a discussion about water it makes sense to reflect on how you would want to see another drinking at your dinner table. A reasonable man, host or guest, aware of the problem of water, does not guzzle down anything as though he was dying of thirst. And so the next time you find yourself asking ‘How-to Be a Man’, ask yourself these questions:

How will I act now when I understand the scarcity of water here on earth, and in my own life?

How will I leverage that knowledge to impact the planet on a larger scale, and in my own world?

When you reach for a glass of your favorite beverage, carry it with dignity, respect, or honor. At some point there might not be much of anything to drink. When that day happens, you most certainly will die.

Water is the most essential fluid

Okay, we are going to do some astounding math to help you understand man’s relationship with water. Let’s get down to it.

Looking at the math behind water on earth exposes some incredible insight. Once you understand the volume of water on the Earth, we can discuss what the those sums mean to us. Across the 197 million square miles of the earth’s surface there is, calculated roughly, 333 million cubic miles of drinkable water on earth. By scientists best guesses, there is only 999,000 cubic miles of liquid drinkable water. A seemingly infinite supply? Not really. And if you are drowning in the math, here is a life preserver for you: 1 cubic mile of water is 1 trillion gallons. When you have 59 million square miles of land on earth that leaves  a 1/100th of a cubic mile of water for every square mile of dryland, if it were divided in 16 billion gallon increments across the whole world.

That’s where the math problem comes in

As there is a finite amount of water, and there is a finite amount of time we can enjoy it, disproportionate distribution of that water and water use. In the US alone, and there is a lot of disagreement on exact usage amounts, the average American uses about 100 gallons of water a day. So 324,700,000 Americans use about 32 billion gallons of water every day. To make this point more clear, let’s use our life preserver for the math (1 trillion gallons equates to 1 cubic mile), The United States uses 1 cubic mile of water per month. Assuming that America is the only country to drink water, Earth’s fresh water will be used in less than 100,000 years. To give you an idea of the scale of time, humans only showed up 100,000 years ago.

Let’s take out our assumption that America is the only country to drink water and add the Earth’s population to the math problem. 7 billion people on Earth consume on average 32 gallons of water per day. To keep afloat of the math we’ll continue to use our life preserver (1 cu. mi. = 1 tril. gal.), every four days Earth’s population of humans drink 1 cubic mile of water. When you take that math to its extreme, humans will have used up all the liquid, drinkable water in less than 12,000 years. Humans began recording history 12,000 years ago. And we haven’t even included all the other animals on earth that consume water as well.

We then have to talk about consumption of fluids when we are talking about How-to Be a Man

Even if this discussion amounts to hyperbolic tripe, you know that you are thirsty with all this talk of water. Every Time you feel thirsty your body is communicating a deficit of water in your system. It only take four days before the effects of dehydration are enough to kill you. And once you have lost enough water, your body begins to break down from toxin build up and overheats. When populations of human beings and animals run out of water, and experience drought, life dies off really quick. It is often incredibly devastating.

Assuming now that you aren’t voluntarily abstaining from liquids or aren’t dehydrated already, you lose roughly 1 gallon of fluid being alive today. When your body is more active, you lose more. That means you absolutely need to drink roughly a gallon of fluid today, or you will suffer the effects of dehydration. Over time, when this deficit persists, you will begin to experience the symptoms of dehydration. To list a few, constipation, liver-kidney-muscle-joint damage, nausea and vomiting. And if you haven’t already corrected the problem and drink fluids, you keel over and die. Don’t want to die? Then you must drink fluids.

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  1. Wow – Bob here from Gallivan. Nice to have met you. Pretty complex indeed. (And) — If all those national monuments start getting chopped up and destroyed by– you know who- who is a developer– imagine how much water will be needed for all the concrete mix to pour the foundations of buildings that should never be allowed to be built on them in the first place!

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