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Pee Frequently, It Feels Good

In this series of How-to Be a Man: Rules to Living as an Optimal Man, we have to talk about pee.

Even if the math that I used for last week’s post was a bit hyperbolic, the fact still remains that we need to consider the ramifications of using water on this planet. And of all the ways that we use water, the single most crucial use of water is how our bodies process it. From your own experience, you either sweat water, or pee water. Whether you call it pissing, taking a leak, or urinating, you need to do it frequently to maintain a healthy system.


You Produce Urine in Response to the Fluids That You Consume

When you don't pee, you get sick.
In my pursuit of How-to Be a Man, I learned about peeing.

The above picture was taken, the Summer Sun had not arrived in the sky, it was Memorial Day Weekend, in late May 2017. Iit was hot. And when it is hot, your body responds. The bike tour around the Wellsville Mountains in Northern Utah made the importance of maintaining a high state of hydration more apparent than just an average day.

As I continued to use my body and bike further along, the more water my body used to pass waste from my skin, muscles, and organs. My body would secrete water and waste out of my pores in the form of sweat to create a cooling effect, leaving my skin salty from the waste left behind behind . Additional water was used by my muscles to  pass used up macro and micro-nutrients in the form of waste into my blood. And lastly, the water used in my digestive tract aided in my body’s need pass food waste.  

An interesting fact about the human body. Once your body has acclimatized to the heat of the day, your body suppresses its need for water. In other words, you won’t feel thirsty. This process of acclimatization took its toll on my body after I had biked my well-loaded bike 25 miles each day. My need for fluids was definitely suppressed and I found myself only drinking a few fluid ounces every couple of miles. Each night of the trek my pee was hot, yellow, & dark. But whats more was the feeling of soreness in my muscles and the experience of constipation. All signs of dehydration and that I hadn’t consumed enough water.

Plan Your Body’s Needs, They Are of Your Highest Concern

Consider the fluids you drink. They don’t reside in your body forever. Fluids escape your body from your skin by sweating and peeing. The internal body processes of digestion and sanitation also require water, like the kidneys. Your kidneys use water as a clearing vehicle for the waste that your blood accumulates. When you haven’t drank enough water, your kidneys retain waste and create build up. This build up in the kidneys makes it more difficult to clear incoming blood carrying waste  released by  the muscles. When your kidneys store too much waste, they  fail. To prevent this, the kidneys use the water that you drink to pass waste onto the bladder.

When the kidneys pass concentrated waste onto the bladder, the highly concentrated fluids are retained as urine until they are released from the urethra and are no longer in the body. Anytime you are dehydrated and your ability to pee is reduced due to a lack of incoming  water, the highly concentrated waste from the kidneys gets stored in the bladder as urine  along with the waste passed through the digestive tracts. When this happens, the bladder suffers damage from storing highly concentrated urine. However, when you are happily hydrated, your body has an easier time passing the waste and produces pleasure in the body in the form of endorphins.

In exploring How-to Be a Man, Rule #2 came to be ”Pee Frequently, It Feels Good”. The reason is because when I say to you that it feels good to pee frequently, it is because your body communicates to you that you have gotten rid of waste that is burning holes in your organs. Imagine that the next time you find yourself holding in your fluids for hours, like I did on my bike trip. Whenever you hold your highly concentrated wastewater, or urine, your kidneys and bladder take a hit.

When You Let Go of Your Fluids, You Impact The World

On my bike trip it became necessary to stop and release my wastewater frequently. It felt good. Over the course of the whole trip, my urine was left a number of places: at the base of a tree, at a campsite porta-potty, at a crossroad gas station. These places are affected by the urine I produced. Not that urine emits radioactive urine or anything, but when large populations pee outside, there is a threat of disease or water contamination. As a man, it is important to keep in mind that  where you leave your wastewater will make an impact on the Earth. Even when peeing outside is a favorite, it still has an impact. That is where processing facilities come into play.

It is valuable to citizens of a city or town to pass their waste in more controlled sites. The porta potty and the bathroom with city controlled sewer lines exist so that humans are able to manage the waste they produce daily. In my own home town of Salt Lake City, the city is home to a treatment plant that  processes 56 million gallons of water a day. Once processed, those 56 million gallons of water are in drinkable form. Some populations around the globe do not have the benefit of water treatment facilities. As a man, you will always be concerned with the way that you and other people use water,  and how urine or wastewater are managed.

How-to Be a Man: Rule #2 to Living as an Optimal Man | Pee Frequently, It Feels Food.

Whenever you find yourself considering how to be a man, it will be absolutely necessary take into account the source of the fluids you consume. As a condition for your continued living, you will want to avoid contaminating water sources. 

Likewise, in your consideration of how to be a man, it will be of equal importance to weigh how you let fluids go. Contaminated water sources from mismanagement of wastewater produced by humans will always be your problem as a man. Just as holding in fluids only creates destruction in ourselves, and thus creates pain, mismanaging waste will also create problems on a larger scale. 

It is a man’s responsibility to consider the consequences to living. Assuming that you would like to live optimally, you live with what you do with your body. What you do with your body will either create pain or pleasure. When you participate in the process of hydration and urination, your body produces endorphins that create feelings of pleasure. And just because it is pleasurable doesn’t mean participating in the human water process doesn’t have consequences that impact the downstream. But as you are a part of that process, pee frequently, it feels good.  

I look forward to your comments and I’m excited to hear your thoughts on how we can better manage wastewater for ourselves as well as larger populations. Thank you for your continued readership and you are invited  to start receiving our posts via email, so please subscribe. And when you are ready,  follow this link to getting your own typewritten copy of How-to Be a Man: Rules to living as an Optimal Man

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